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Frequently Asked Questions about the Apprentice Program

Is there an Application Fee?

There is no application fee to apply to the apprenticeship program.

How long is my application good for?

Your apprentice application is good for two (2) years.

How long is the Apprenticeship Program?

The Apprenticeship Program is four (4) years long.

How much is an Apprentice Paid?

A first year apprentice will be paid for the on-the-job training at a rate of 50% of the Journeyperson scale. Pay increases will be given throughout the apprenticeship program based on work hours, training hours, and tests completed. The in-seat and classroom training is unpaid however; the apprentice does not pay to receive the training.

Will I Receive Benefits?

Apprentices receive the same benefits as Journeyperson Operators. These benefits include: pension, annuity, vacation, and health insurance (must meet initial eligibility requirements prior to receiving health insurance).

What are the Graduation Requirements for Completion of the Program?

Apprentices must remain in the program for at least 4 years, work 6,000 work hours, pass 3 in-seat proficiency exams on equipment, and complete 576 hours (144 hours per year) of related classroom/in-seat training in order to graduate the program.

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