Union Dues

Union dues are due by the first of the month. 

Cash, Check or Charge Cards are accepted as payment, however if paying by card there will be a fee, depending on the amount paid. Credit Card payments may be made by phone.  If checks are returned for insufficient funds, you will be charged a $25 administrative fee and we will no longer accept personal checks for payment.

The Per Capita increase anticipated for July 1, 2020 has been suspended until January 1, 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Union Cards

Your plastic Union Card should be marked up to date and carried at all times. Each card runs two years and you will be issued a new card on the even year.  We receive the new cards around the end of January after which we will go through each card, stamp them if necessary, and mail them out.  You still must pay your dues even though you do not have a new card to stamp.  You can carry a dues receipt with you and show it if carded until you receive your new card. 

Vacation Checks

The Vacation Plan Year begins October 1st and ends September 30th.  The payout is scheduled to take place during the period of November 15th through December 15th of each year.  This payout is done automatically  and you are not required to file a claim.  

Working In Another Local Territory

Anytime you are working as an IUOE Operating Engineer outside of Local 520's jurisdiction, you must clear in with that Local!!

You should also request a reciprocity form and submit it to the IUOE Local whose territory you are working In. This gives the jurisdictional IUOE Local authorization to transfer your Health and Welfare hours back to your home Local. By accessing, completing and sending this form to the IUOE Local you are working under, you may reduce the time it takes to receive transferred hours, which could affect your eligibility.

Please request these forms from your steward or the office for which Local you are working.