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Obituaries 2020

Edward Kellerman 11-26-20 Obituary

Leroy Feltmeyer 11-24-20 Obituary

Loren "Doug" Hawkins 11-23-20 Obituary

Dale Paslay 11-22-20 Obituary

Ruth Ann Reynolds-Weeks (Lloyd) 11-21-20 Obituary

Henry "Joe" Gain 10-07-20 Obituary

Curtis Hartmann 10-06-20 Obituary

Francis "Frenchie" Eilers 09-18-20 Obituary

Bill Borders 08-13-20 Obituary

Larry Heob 08-11-20 Obituary

Orval Austin 08-07-20  Obituary

Matthew Perkins 08-01-20 Obituary

Dennis Schetter  07-12-20 Obituary

James Timmerman 06-24-20 Obituary

Bill Dailey 06-15-20

Eugene Weber 05-24-20 Obituary

Rick McElroy 05-18-20  Obituary

Cassandra Pace 05-14-20 Obituary

Kenneth "Gig" Shute 05-12-20 Obituary

James Sledge 04-09-20

Kurt Dietrich 04-05-20

Kirby Harris 07-22-19

David Tucker 03-28-20

Stephen Martin 03-20-20

Ellis LeCroy 03-19-20

Russell Broadwater 03-08-20

Darrell Luebbert 03-01-20

Ronald Kujawa 02-24-20

Harold Timmons 02-17-20

Dean Fiedler 02-08-20

Dave Meyer 01-31-20

Kim Ketcham 01-28-20

Daniel Schwahn 01-27-20


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2020 Retirees

11-01-20 Mickey Crippen

11-01-20 David Jany

11-01-20 Herbert Smith

10-01-20 Bruce Edwards

10-01-20 David Kamadulski

09-01-20 Gerald Messina

09-01-20 Jimmy Foster

09-01-20  Mark Biver

09-01-20  Robert Parmenter

08-01-20  Gregory Warren

08-01-20  Terry Herbeck

08-01-20  James Tosh

07-01-20  Scott Schuepbach

06-01-20  Ronald Noerper

06-01-20  Randy Hoyle

06-01-20  Michael Hayer

06-01-20  Randall Hug

06-01-20  Dale Grotefendt

06-01-20  Keith Obermeier

05-01-20  Richard Herring

04-01-20  Vernon Williams

04-01-20  James Rossel

04-01-20  Jules Varwig

04-01-20  Jack Touchette

03-01-20  Jack Mize

02-01-20  David DeLaurent   

01-01-20  David Nollau         

01-01-20  Donnie Knop         

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Required Classes

If you are receiving this notification and you DO NOT have a forklift and an OSHA card, you are REQUIRED to attend these classes this 2020-2021 training season.  The class schedule is accessible through the Local 520 app and website.  You can schedule your classes in one of three ways:

1. Call the Training Department at (618) 644-1969

2. Submit your preferred date through the Local 520 app

3. Submit your preferred date through the Local 520 website (

Class sizes are limited so sign up for them NOW! Do not wait! 

Class Reminders

The Training Department would like everyone to take a moment and opt-in to receive text message reminders for your classes.

All you need to do is text the word ALERT to 22300 and that will opt you in to receive text messages from us for any class you are scheduled. Once you text the above, you will receive a message from One Call Now verifying your request has been received.

This is the best method for us to remind you of any classes you are scheduled for and it allows you to respond if you are attending the class or not.  If you have already been receiving reminder text messages from us, then you do not need to do this again unless you have had a change in phone number.

We want to make sure no one misses their scheduled classes and loses any certifications. 

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Upcoming Deadlines


Friday, November 13th, is the application deadline for anyone wanting to take the initial or recertifictaion NCCCO written exam on Sunday, December 13, 2020.  Applications and form of payment are due to the Training Department by 3pm.


This Saturday, November 14th, there are still openings for those needing to get their DOT physicals.

This will also be the last scheduled NCCCO practical for 2020.  Call the Training Department @ (618)644-1969 to register for either the DOT physicals or NCCCO practical, deadline is Thursday, November 12th.



Apprentice Notice:

If any apprentices are not working tomorrow, Friday, October 9th, volunteers are needed at the Training Department to help set up for the union meeting that evening.

Volunteers are also needed for the Local 520 Health Fair on Saturday, October 17th.  Those who volunteer will be given training hours.  Volunteers are to be at the Training Department by 5 am that morning and will be able to leave when finished. Please call the office to volunteer.  Thank you!


NCCCO Practical

There will be an NCCCO practical exam on Saturday, October 24, 2020.  Anyone needing to get their practical completed can call the Training Department at (618)644-1969 to schedule for the exam.  The deadline to get scheduled is Thursday, October 22, 2020.

DOT Physicals

This month's DOT physicals will be held on Saturday, November 14, 2020.  This service is available for Local 520 members who are currently eligible for Local 520’s insurance at no cost to the member.  Members who are not eligible at this time can still utilize these services at a cost of $70 due the day of the physical. Registration is required and can be done by calling (618) 644-1969 at least 48 hours prior to the day of service; however we encourage registering early due to the limited openings on Saturdays.  For any questions please call the Training Department.


Jobs will be dispatched remotely until futher notice. Bob will be dispatching from his cell phone so please be aware that if you are getting a call from a number you don't know, it may be Bob trying to reach you. Dispatch calls most likely won't be coming from the hall phone number. 

Precautions Against COVID 19

COVID-19 Update: 

The Hall office door is unlocked and we are taking dues at the window. However, we are still encouraging paying dues by mail or by phone. Because of this, we will continue to waive the credit card convenience fee on all credit card transactions for dues until further notice.

The ladies in the office very much appreciate masks being worn if you come in to pay dues.

The Health & Welfare office also encourages everyone to call instead of coming to their office as well as mailing payments instead of making them in person. If any payments are late, they will take into consideration the circumstances in assessing late fees.